A tailored service offering
for RWC France 2023

Loxam, Official Equipment Rental Provider for RWC 2023


  • Turnkey shelter solution to accommodate the event’s organisation, logistics and support teams 
  • Electricity generation and distribution, back-up or temporary, for stadium and pedestrian area lighting, match broadcast resources, temporary accommodation,
  • Air conditioning and heating of workspaces, catering facilities and technical premises
  • Provision of additional lighting for public pedestrian traffic zones to improve safety 
  • Provision of handling and powered access equipment
  • Reinforcement of safety measures (barriers, anti-trespass equipment, traffic lights) 
  • Ground protection with the installation of road plates in extension areas (car parks, storage areas, accommodation bases, etc.).

A dedicated team

A central, multi-disciplinary and multilingual coordination team has been set up to offer a single point of contact for the GIP (public interest consortium) and its contractors. This means that we offer you: 


  • A dedicated team at LoxCall (Loxam’s call center)
  • Local teams for the coordination of the event in each host city
  • Operational teams (groupmen, electrical technicians, deliverers, fitters) to work on the various phases:
    • Equipment preparation 
    • Deliver
    • Installation
    • Operations/supervision
    • Dismantling / removal 
 Please direct all requests to:  
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