We Love 2023 Tour

Loxam on board for the "We Love 2023 Tour"

From 8 September to 12 October 2020, the Organising Committee of the Rugby World Cup to be held in France in 2023 set off on a dedicated train christened “We Love 2023” to connect with local communities.

Headed by its CEO Claude Atcher, the France 2023 team and ambassadors such as Frédéric Michalak and Sébastien Chabal were all part of the journey. They visited 24 cities, including the 10 cities and metropolitan areas due to host the competition, and travelled nearly 8,000 km over the space of 35 days. 

A fun and entertaining exhibition dealing with the societal and environmental commitments of France 2023 was also organised. This displayed the pledges made by the Committee such as the recruitment of 4,000 apprentices, trained to become the sporting professionals of the future, the development of short and local supply channels, the promotion of our regions, the selection of 53 base camps to accommodate the 20 teams, etc. 

Loxam, established in each stopover city, was present in each station. 


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