Our CSR commitments

Loxam and Rugby is an inspiring partnership that has already been going on for quite some time! We share a number of strong values with the sporting world, especially with rugby: cohesion, diversity, commitment, complementarity between players/employees within a team, determination to succeed, conviviality, etc.
This proximity to these values will allow us to address the shared CSR commitments during Rugby World Cup France 2023. 

Rugby World Cup France 2023 is a great opportunity for Loxam to assert its role as a major contributor to this great international sporting event and capitalise on it to accelerate our CSR commitments tying in with the World Cup: sustainable economy, inclusion, training, employment, environmental impact. 

Actions undertaken as part of this event will be closely monitored and their impact measured. The results will be published after the event in a dedicated report. 

During Rugby World Cup France 2023 our CSR commitments will revolve around four pillars:


Getting young people into work through apprenticeships

Getting young professionals into work in Loxam teams has been a major commitment for many years: 9% of our staff are young people (equating to around 400 employees). 

We wish to offer them the opportunity to join Loxam, a company where they will be supported through a career and training course. This is where apprenticeships are the first key component. 

Our actions to promote apprentice training offer around 160 employees (3.6% of our staff) a chance to be trained in the various disciplines exercised in the company. 

With the Campus 2023 project, a training programme leading to a qualification and bringing together nearly 3,000 young people between now and the end of 2023, Rugby World Cup France 2023 displays the same ambition. 

The actions that Loxam will put in place during the Rugby World Cup will be as follows: 

  • Contributing to the Campus 2023 project by co-building, with the organising committee, apprenticeship courses for at least 50 apprentices who will join Loxam from January to the end of October 2023;
  • Committing to offer long-term employment opportunities to young people in the Campus 2023 programme with the recruitment of at least 100 young people in France or abroad. Through this, we will bolster our teams in France and deploy, for example, VIE programmes (voluntary overseas internships). 


Mitigating the impact of this event on the environment

Fully committed to the energy transition, Loxam Group’s actions to reduce carbon emissions are in line with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreements. 

To meet the objectives of Rugby World Cup France 2023 to limit its environmental impact, we are committed to implementing the following actions:

  • Pollution-free transport logistics, implemented locally, possibly shared with other contributors and providing low-emission vehicles. 
  • Innovative equipment, systematically offering green alternatives to meet the demands of competition venues;
  • Supporting a voluntary, labelled carbon offsetting project to compensate our emissions around competition venues (for example, a labelled project in France for the reconstruction of a natural ecosystem).


Working for diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two key values of Loxam’s social policy. We promote all forms of diversity, by guaranteeing the objectivity of all our recruitments and conducting an array of initiatives to get people socially integrated through work.

As diversity and inclusion are also two of sport’s cardinal values , we wish to capitalise on Rugby World Cup France 2023 to deploy the following actions:

  • Making 100% of our employees aware of diversity and inclusion issues;
  • Launching a recruitment channel dedicated to former professional athletes, in order to support these people in career change programmes . Each year we will welcome at least 10 new former professional athletes into our workforce;
  • Using responsible purchasing by collaborating with players in the social and solidarity economy. 5% of the services subcontracted as part of this event will be farmed out to organisations in the social and solidarity economy.


Making this event a gathering for all audiences

“Celebrate Together" means allowing everyone to have access to the event and to the practice of sport. To meet this objective, we aim to:

  • Allow each employee to experience this event and attend one or more matches of the competition, by:
    • Decorating our branches in rugby colours as of today;
    • Implementing our hospitality programme (inviting partners to games) which will allow 25% of our employees to attend one or more matches;
    • Empowering our works council, which has purchased 3,500 tickets to allow our employees to go to a game with their relatives.
  • Offer a social ticketing service, where 20% of our seats acquired through our partnership with Rugby World Cup France 2023 will be given to disadvantaged people who would not usually have the chance to attend a rugby match.

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